• It allows the efficient management of inputs.
  • Total control of the entry process.
  • Flexible open contracts and multiple receptions.

Knowing the total traceability of the production processes is fundamental in certain industries, such as agribusiness and pharmaceutical. And in all cases it is essential to the process of quality certification to enable the export of goods to key markets.

Arballon Business Software enables the Total information traceability throughout the production process, with multiple levels. This powerful functionality is transversal and complementary to several solutions Arballon.

Complete traceability with Arballon Business Software 

  • Tracking

Identification of all batches of raw materials, inputs, etc. they are used in the production of a lot of certain final or intermediate product. The trace can be seen with or without discrimination of lot, and with or without inclusion of the productive services that were required in the preparation

  • Tracking

Tracking towards the product end of all lots and products that contain a particular batch of raw materials.

  • Production batch

Knowledge of the history of the product throughout its chain of production (raw material used, stages of the production process).

  • Quality

Monitoring and control of the causes of deviation in the quality of the products. Identification of the origin of the problem in a defective product, and from that knowledge, tracking of all defective lots.

  • Costs

In addition to the total costs (fixed + variable), Arballon allows to get individualized for each batch, process, activity, and task costs.

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