Human resources


  • It is agile and flexible.
  • It improves the efficiency of the resource.
  • Increase knowledge of the performance.
  • It accelerates the query and data loading.

To adapt ourselves to the changes imposed by the 21st century and be part of it, human resource management must be the motor of cultural change in new organizations.

Human resources are a key factor for the success of any organization. In numerous industries, such as the agricultural or professional services, the costs of the human factor are determinants in the profitability of the business.

Human resources of Arballon Business Software solution, integrates naturally in the business, allowing the entire management of the Base of knowledge of the staff. It measures the impact of the costs of the human factor in the cost of products and generates the automatic liquidation of assets with a powerful calculation engine.

The flexibility of Arballon Business Software has been proven in numerous industries and countries, being a component of agile and simple to manage within the ERP, tightly integrated with accounting and its cost-accounting.

Natural integration with the finance system manages current account of loans and advances to personnel, and their payment orders, as well as information for banks for the accreditation of salaries.

The coding staff and based on candidates, is flexible and can be structured and classified according to their preferences. All family data, certifications, training, news etc. they are part of the personnel file and are available for multiple queries.

Different types of settlements, holidays, bonuses, low, are incorporated into the concepts of settlement calculation engine, and can be easily configured by a qualified user. It also allows the calculation, simulation and control of the preliquidaciones.

Being an ERP Arballon mutiempresa human resources management can manage centralized or independently according to the preference of each case. Fully configurable security schemes facilitate this task.

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