• It is agile and flexible.
  • Automatic analysis of profitability.
  • Increase knowledge of the inherent costs.
  • Multi variable.

The commercial dynamics requires to adapt quickly to the requirements of customers. Today it is vital to generate new forms of negotiation and be the first to make profitable them.

Arballon Business Software offers simple solutions to complex processes of wholesale, retail and distributors. Various commercial forms are easily incorporated from preconfigured models for sale on consignment or intercompany.

Arballon easily adapts to your business, from the order notes, Inventory Control, the granting and control of credit and delinquency. You will know how are their inventories on every deposit with total precision, foresee may replacement display in maps and calendars, and efficiently operate their business processes.

With built-in Business Intelligence tools, you can manage their business with total precision margins, know the profitability of each product, ranking of their best sellers, wherever you are.

Each business is unique. You can also incorporate features of high value added specialized according to each need.

An example is the special sale in supermarkets, with the measurement of profitability after negotiations and discounts.

Business where the commercial dynamics is very versatile, multi-dimensional analysis cube analyzes the costs related to each action marketing and profitability by dimensions such as customer, product, area, vendor, channel, etc. without leaving the ERP or dabble in side projects.

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