Management control


  • Configurable to your needs.
  • Integral and On Line.
  • It accelerates the multi variable analysis.
  • Integrated tax control.

Arballon Business Software is a truly comprehensive ERP and accounting effects are generated online course with daily operations.

It is very flexible, and with good training accounting can make all the settings you want.

All accounting functions, as the calculation of results for possession, exchange differences, provisions and forecasts inflation, multi-currency accounting adjustments are planned.

It also provides excellent tools for the analysis of management and to carry out the desired settings. Its versatility allows to submit monthly reports on the first days of the month, dispose of the Patrimonial, economic, financial, tax and analytical States and costs.

Some of the most used Arballon Business software accounting functions are:

  • Balance sheet of the company instantly as the accounting of transactions is online. Directly in the Business Intelligence of Arballon Business Software, such as report express or exported to Excel according to the user’s preference,
  • Balances of integration for businesses that have decentralized operating units must submit their accounting centralized States, provides the tool to do so automatically.
  • Balance consolidation provides a tool for generating the consolidated balance sheet of the group for economic groups where there are companies that have control over the heritage of others
  • Multi-currency accounting. It can carry the financial statements in a currency other than the legal course compatible with FASB-52 and based.
  • Adjustment for automatic inflation of the financial statements. Through the process of adjustment for inflation system upgrade of the non-monetary balance sheet items, providing work papers for the updating of each non monetary item, recording adjustment seat and emitting the adjusted Balance.
  • Historical and adjusted information management. It provides the possibility to consult and broadcast older and Balances historical currency, adjusted or only the settings made.
  • Flexible system configurations: It allows the administrator of the system maintain and/or create the same settings, in an autonomous manner.

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