• Total control of materials and human resources.
  • Follow-up of cases.
  • Increased knowledge of.
  • It accelerates the query and data loading.

Arballon maintenance is a solution designed for the comprehensive maintenance Plan, and move the history and the costs of maintenance of plant and assets.

To be part of Arballon Business Software is integrated naturally with other efforts of the ERP, generating all the effects automatically, for example:

  • Shopping
  • Supplies stores
  • Costs
  • Production
  • Accounting
  • Etc.

Arballon maintenance applications are as follows:

  • Maintenance plans
  • Execution of maintenance.
  • Management control
  • Analysis of costs


  • Facilitate the management of maintenance, especially in structures of reduced staff.
  • Manage the follow-up of each of the goods, equipment and facilities available on the ground.
  • Streamline the efforts of management of inputs, transfer Interdepositos, shopping, etc. to have the necessary supplies in the required workshop.
  • Keep informed officials about the effectiveness and efficiency of maintenance tasks performed.
  • Generate automatically the costs of maintenance activities, independent of it managers report values.
  • Natural integration with AR QXL Reporting will allow you to get reports with charts, pivot tables and grids in Excel without the need for export.


  • Administration of different scenarios of maintenance plans. E.g.: Planificadazo, intended, in waiting, in execution, etc.
  • Administration of different types of maintenance orders. E.g.: Preventive, corrective, etc.;
  • and different subtypes: I.e.: urgent, planned, etc.
  • Description of tasks and drill-down step by step.
  • Identification of structure of inputs and services of each task.
  • Integration On line with supplies Stock management
  • Possibility of assignment of tasks by cost center and a workshop, staff
  • Identification of goods, equipment and facilities generic or specific. E.g.: Serial number, motor, etc.
  • Customization of alarms by email

Operational chaining:


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