Foreign trade


  • The management of the exporter circuit speeds it up.
  • Automate the specifics.
  • It facilitates the story from the beginning.
  • Total traceability.

Since Assembly of the folder until the invoice, Arballon is a flexible tool that comprehensively manages all exports circuit, and is naturally integrated into production and finances of the company.

Operations inherit details specific export, as commercial, operational, data of shipping, insurance, shipping and banking.

Performs the automatic calculation of the FOB value, rights, the reinstatement of export and foreign currency to settle, and the calculation of the maturity.

Arballon emits the required documents, as Sales Confirmation, request for customs procedures, Packing List, Invoice, Shipment Details, provides the history of global documentary control, and close multiple queries and reports that allow transactional la Traceability.

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