Fixed asset


  • The management of complex contexts makes it simple.
  • Efficient inventory control.
  • Agile and flexible configuration of goods.
  • Integrated with the ERP.

Technological progress makes that increasingly companies manage more assets, and more complex. Productive growth companies build new plants, depots, camps and facilities. In addition, a variety of machinery, vehicles and use of goods.

Arballon asset management allows you to have control and the valuation of these investments integrated naturally with the rest of the Arballon solutions.

With this tool is efficient Control of inventory, with information by location and fork, has a precise knowledge of the State of the asset and its application to projects or production processes.

Arballon allows you to determine the current value of the asset, using automatic depreciation, with the flexibility to incorporate improvements, modify the lifetime, apply debits and credits, making simple and dynamic asset management.

The definition of property is flexible, allowing to identify families and subfamilies, State of good coverage of insurance, mortgaged property, as well as custom attributes

Like all solutions Arballon is thought to have full integration with the accounting information, generating the annex of property to use.

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