• Comprehensive management of finances.
  • It facilitates the analysis of the information.
  • Multicurrency.
  • Integrated tax control.

An efficient financial management facing every day new challenges, international standards and changing regulations.

Arballon Business Software offers a robust solution where the best results of the financial management of a company, reducing borrowing costs, integrating different departments by shortening the time of processes, and offering timely and high value-added business information.

Arballon finance general functionality includes accounts by pay and charge, handling banking, Treasury, tax Control and automatic Fiscal, accounting On Line, among others.

Management and consolidating the Bank position is fully integrated within the Arballon Business Software, whereas Bank current accounts, loans, credits, fixed term, savings, security traded, investment accounts, etc Deposits, debits and credits, accreditations and rejects considered times of accreditation checks according to your place.

To streamline the management even more, you can integrate the functionality of automatic bank reconciliation, payments and automatic collection by Bank.

Business Intelligence integrated into Arballon finance gives you Control over key indicators of the Performance of payment and collection business. Companies can analyze reliably day in the street of the portfolios and better manage the granting of credits and facilitate the collection, among other features.

Among its most popular features are:

General information

  •  Management of multiple currencies and exchange differences calculation
  •  Decentralized or centralized holdings for Treasury management
  •  Use of multiple means of payment, transfers, checks, cash, securities, bonds, etc.
  •  Reading of checks and automatic printing of values.
  •  Recognition of devengamientos and maturities
  •  Calculation of interest
  •  Management of the portfolio of securities and payment documents,
  •  E-billing

Accounts receivable

  •  Manage customer portfolio: provides information on the current accounts of customers line allowing to know day to day situation of each State.
  •  Get the aging of their current accounts: update reports through permanent posiblilita know the overdue debt of customers agrupadolo by area, salesperson, customer at the request of the user
  •  Negotiate their bills to collect: through the registration of operations of discount of bills in banks or financial institutions.
  •  Project flow collection:
  •  Take Judicial Management Portfolio e Incobrables: keeping the accounts of debtors in Judicial management and Incobrables separately.
  •  Evaluate the Performance of collection: through reports that make it possible to know how is this collecting debts in the current window by area, salesperson and customer
  •  Lead registration and tracking of rejected checks of customers and collection management: allows to register the bounced checks of customers generating again lot it current account for its management of collection.
  •  Manage and control checkbooks receipts held by sellers: allows keep record of all receipts given to sellers to control its correct use stubs.

Accounts payable

  •  Manage suppliers portfolio: provides information on the current accounts of customers line allowing to know day to day situation of each State.
  •  You have instant aging of debts: through an aging report shows debts grouped by provider and/or classification according to their age.
  •  Project stream of payments: allows knowing or estimating debt put together a scheme of payments.
  •  Issue checks automatically: offers the possibility of automatically issuing paychecks in checkbook forms approved by the banks.
  •  Make payments by banks: allows the faculty to centralize payments to suppliers in a bank.
  •  Manage accounts in different currencies: makes it possible to take account in the original currency of the transaction instantly made his conversion to the currency of legal tender, having no limits for number of coins.


  •  Managing the securities portfolio: allows to know instantly the portfolio to date, deferred, cash, etc.
  •  Make discount values to banks: through discount operations enables presentation, settlement, monitoring and recording of expenses and interests agreed with the financial institution.
  •  Make transfer of securities to banks: through transfer operations enables presentation, settlement, monitoring and recording of expenses and interests agreed with the financial institution.
  •  Perform Factoring: Through operations of invoice discounting it enables the transfer of the management of receipts from a financial institution.
  •  Borrow short, medium and long term with automatic accrual of interests both developed as vanquished: registering capital, the due date and the agreed effective rate system performs and records monthly accrual of interest automatically.
  •  Perform bank reconciliations automatically: through an interface with Datanet posiblilita load on the system the bank statements to be reconciled with the accounting moves.
  •  Make retching, controls and reports of daily box closures: facilitates the physical taking of the tonnage of the portfolio at the end. Control of multiple boxes, balances and movements of fixed background.
  •  Cash Flow scenarios configurable by users. It allows to generate a cash Flow Cia general. Or by individual: individual customer/vendor), by classification of individuals, etc. at the request of the user.
  •  Checks own rejected and clients management

New forms of labour are incorporated into Arballon Business Software, such as reception of electronic invoices of providers by automatic input table.

Fiscal integration

Fully integrated tax management and tax of your country, generating the documentation national, State and municipal. And recognizing the specificities of each product to different tariff items. The automatic generation of receipts for withholdings on payments streamlines the tasks of tax settlements. Integrated tax control.

Accounting integration

Arballon finance this absolutely integrated accounting, enabling fast and securely latches, and drastically lowering expenses in their accounting department.

Solutions specially designed for accountability of expenditure by responsible, whether managers, commercial, or travelers.

Management of expenses by project and by airlines of result

Every business is unique and also needs a particular display. Arballon is a powerful ally if you need to manage your expenses for different projects or attributed them by Areas of your organization.

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