• Data on line and On time.
  • Flexible and integrated with other solutions.
  • Multidimensional

Current production processes have become a dynamic and efficiency that have complicated the calculation of production costs. In addition, each industry adds different challenges from their vertical.

To meet the costs of the current productive processes it is necessary within the ERP have a technological solution of costs that accompany these processes and understand them from an economic point of view.

Arballon Business Software is a management solution that allows you to organize processes and properly distribute them to cost centers, analyzing yields and improve production management.

It allows to know the traceability to the origin of the raw materials used both to the final customer.

Arballon is a true tool for specialist in costs, helping to obtain production costs at the end of each period, without relying on spreadsheets outside the ERP or fall in cost estimates.

With Arballon Business Software you can know each and every one of the items or factors that make up the cost of a product, regardless of the stage or thread where it was used. Thanks to a powerful analytical factoring, Arballon shows the opening of each of the factors that make the total cost, with or without discrimination of the production stage in which were consumed.

The opening — displays direct and indirect costs, and reach the Marginal contribution of each product, distinguishing fixed costs and variable, providing information to reset settings and updated historical cost.

In addition to the Arballon industrial costs allows analyzing multidimensional outcomes including commercial product, area, etc.

This solution allows to create on line Industrial accounting, since the recognition of the consumption of raw materials, materials, workmanship, sectoral capacities, production of goods and activities and other expenses, up to the issue of the costs of production, works in course, maintenance, etc.

You can also support the activities of planning, financial and productive, with information on product costs, costs for Area, orders, etc.

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