• It allows the efficient management of inputs.
  • Total control of the entry process.
  • Flexible open contracts and multiple receptions.

Wine production management allows you to have knowledge of the history of the product throughout its production chain. It is possible to make the monitoring and control of the causes of deviation in the quality of products, identifying the source of the problem in a defective product, and from that knowledge, make the tracking of all defective lots.

Measurements by business units: allows you to manage the activities of a winery in different business units: farms, wineries and fractionation.

Stocks On line: Arballon makes it possible to discover online the existing stock of inputs and outputs in each of the physical and virtual, deposits according to the different Areas of responsibility.

Farm and harvest: through the solution of farms it is possible to manage different varieties of grape (grafts, age), track the treatments carried out on the barracks (agrochemicals, fertilizers, pesticides), control (mantle, drip, sprinkler) irrigation system, make the distribution of wages and take control of used machines (tractors, etc.).

Availability in tanks: Arballon allows the availability in each tank, sink, cask; as well, keep track of tasks performed on each one.

Control of racking: it is possible to know the history and the racking tank track, reporting losses and adjustments of cubic feet, and recognizing the ecological tasks performed during the same.

Valuation and cost of end products and intermediates: thanks to its integration with the Arballon cost solution, allows to estimate the cost of the grapes produced by themselves and by third parties, of wines transfer, in pools, in stowage wines and bottled.